Utah nurse-midwife describes profession as a calling

Danielle Demeter, a clinical nurse-midwife with a Master of Science in Nursing degree, recently sat down with ParkRecord.com, an internet news source based out of Park City, Utah, to discuss her career.

According to the news outlet, Demeter, who runs her own practice in Summit County, has delivered hundreds of healthy babies since she began her career as a nurse-midwife in 2004. Prior to pursuing an advanced nursing degree at a Utah-based university, she worked as an RN, or registered nurse, in the labor and delivery room of a Concord, New Hampshire, hospital. In this role, she also taught birthing and prenatal education courses.

Demeter is very outspoken about how much she enjoys her work. She stated to the news source that her favorite part about her job is the relationships that she is able to establish with her patients.

"It's kind of like a calling, not like going to a convent or anything, but I knew that whatever I decided to do I had to be passionate about and do well," Demeter told the news outlet. "I know people who go to their jobs every day and hate it. I go to my job and I can't believe I get paid to do it."

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