Thanks to nurse practitioners, individuals may be able to stay healthy without insurance

The St. Petersburg Times recently published an interview with nurse practitioner Trudy Grossman discussing the important role of these medical professionals in treating patients without sufficient health insurance coverage.

Grossman, who has earned her Master of Science in Nursing degree, is currently employed by the St. Petersburg Free Clinic in Florida. As a nurse practitioner, she is able to preform much of the same services as physicians, including diagnosing patients, writing prescriptions and ordering blood tests. She routinely does all of these things for individuals who are unable to visit specialists of primary care providers due to their lack of health insurance.

The Huffington Post reports that more than 50 million Americans are without health insurance. However, according to Grossman, these individuals can still stay healthy by visiting free clinics staffed by nurse practitioners, such as the one in which she works.

"It's better for people to come in now, instead of waiting until an emergency that could have been avoided," she said, as reported by the news source.

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