Volunteer Clinical Faculty (Preceptors)

A major component of the MSN program involves our Volunteer Clinical Faculty (VCF), who will help students complete their clinical requirements. They provide training, mentorship, and supervision. To gain credit for clinical requirements, each MSN student must identify a VCF who is qualified to approve and sign off on clinical evaluations as they are performed successfully.

Choosing a Preceptor
Your preceptor experience will play an important role in your learning process and often results in a lasting and mutually rewarding professional relationship. For some students, identifying your VCF is as simple as asking a friend or colleague. For others, the idea of finding a VCF can be a daunting one. But there are many places to look: supervisors or co-workers, friends, or even your own personal doctor.

Getting Started
Contact one of our Enrollment Advisors at 1-866-225-6764 to discuss your unique situation. They can provide you with information regarding an overview of clinical requirements, VCF qualifications, and offer hints to locate a VCF in your area. Please note that your clinicals will begin in your second year, once you have been matriculated into the program.

Each specialty has different criteria for preceptors. Please click below for the requirements:

Please note: An Enrollment Advisor is available to answer any questions regarding state specific regulations for clinical sites and volunteer clinical faculty. They can be reached at 866-225-6764 or info@nursingonline.uc.edu.


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