Police and nurse practitioners work together in California

The Modesto Bee, a California-based news source, has reported that the police department in Ceres, California, has had great success working with nurse practitioners at the community's public health fairs. Established in 2007, these programs provide preventative care to individuals who lack health insurance or access to a primary care provider.

At the most recent health fair, held on July 5th, in Whitmore Park, more than 950 people underwent blood pressure screening. According to Dan Lucky, a nurse practitioner who has earned his Master of Science in Nursing degree, nearly 100 of the 124 individuals who were diagnosed with high blood pressure made follow-up appointments with one of the medical professionals on-site for future treatment.

According to the news source, Lucky has been influential in the establishment of these health fairs and in the partnership that has been established between nurse practitioners in Ceres and the police department. He is currently working on a study that will be published in the Journal of Community Nursing next month.

"I noticed what police officers did was not so dissimilar to what nurses do," Lucky told the news outlet. "The concept for both is making the community healthier as a whole."

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