Overland Park birth center offers expectant mothers more birthing options

Kansas City Community News has reported that a new and innovative birthing clinic will open in Overland Park late this summer.

According to the news source, New Birth Company was developed to offer pregnant women more birthing options than they are presented with in community hospitals. The clinic will be staffed by certified nurse midwives and family nurse practitioners in order to provide expectant mothers with a more specialized and holistic experience.

Catherine Gordon, a nurse practitioner and nurse midwife who has earned her Master of Science in Nursing degree, is a co-owner and founder of New Birth Company. Prior to working to develop the new clinic, she was instrumental in opening Mercy and Truth Medical Missions over a decade ago.

Expectant mother can choose from several different birthing options at Gordon's clinic, including a water birth. The center will also offer chiropractic services, prenatal yoga, and childbirth and cooking courses.

“We have a passion for the world,” Gordon said. “We have a passion for women.”

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