Master of Science in Nursing

If you are ready to accept more responsibility, enhance your skills, and further your career, then the UC Master of Science in Nursing program is your path. Choose a specialty which fits your unique talents and skills and be confident in the knowledge you will gain from this renowned program. Highly ranked and accredited, the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing stands tall in a crowded nursing education field. See what sets us apart.

Below are two useful sections for discovering everything this site has to offer. The “Empowering” section is your introduction to this exciting program while the “Online Master” section introduces you to all of our specialties and sets you on the path to finding your ideal fit.

Empowering Nurse Leaders

The University of Cincinnati Master of Science in Nursing program has committed itself to empowering nurse leaders to drastically alter the course of the health care industry. It begins by identifying the needs of the student. And it ends with an Advanced Practice Nurse ready to truly lead.

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Earning a Master of Nursing can do wonders for your career, your confidence, and your life. But that’s nothing in comparison to the impact you will have on the lives of countless others who rely on the knowledge and expertise of advanced practice nurses.

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