Nursing Specialties


It’s a great time to pursue an advanced degree in nursing and find your niche in the world of health care. Medical breakthroughs and continuing health education efforts have allowed a growing population to live longer, and as a result the demand for quality nurses and advanced medical care professionals is growing.

Nursing has become one of the fastest-growing career fields in the country, and the opportunities for specialization within the industry are expanding. From hospital emergency rooms to private practice, managed-care facilities, classrooms, and beyond, nurses are performing an increasingly important role in the diverse health care world.

Nurses are the cornerstones of the health care industry, providing the direct and personal patient interaction that is so vital. An advanced degree in nursing allows nursing professionals to advance their career opportunities while improving their ability to help those in need.

Through the UC Master of Science in Nursing program, you can gain the skills you’ll need to be an Advanced Practice Nurse.

Don’t see the program you’re looking for? In addition to our innovative distance learning programs, we offer a variety of on campus programs from BSN to PhD, ensuring a pathway for your success. Explore these programs at UC’s College of Nursing.


Nurse Midwives are women’s health experts. They advise women throughout pregnancy, and can also care and provide treatment for women throughout their lifespan.Learn More >

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

Women’s health nurse practitioners provide treatment and diagnosis for common ailments as well as health problems that are specific to females.Learn More >

Adult-Gero Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

An advance practice nurse specializing in the treatment and diagnoses of patients who are over the age of 12. Learn More >


A Master of Nursing is your path to professional leadership. Our graduates are empowered to become true leaders for their company, their community, and the field of nursing.
Learn More >

Family Nurse Practitioner

Provides health care services to persons of all ages. Graduates with this specialization will typically work outside the hospital setting and often work in private practice.Learn More >