The faculty of the University of Cincinnati Master of Science in Nursing program recognize that earning an MSN isn’t a rebuilding process, it’s an enhancing process. Nurses like you already possess a variety of important skills. The MSN curriculum is designed to enhance these abilities while preparing you for a greater role in your field. Proper preparation is essential for success as a nurse. And at UC, preparation is the basis for our intuitive curriculum. All courses can be categorized as CORE, SPECIALITY DIDACTIC, or SPECIALTY PRACTICUMS. Each level lays the groundwork for the ones that follow it, with the result being an expertly trained graduate prepared to lead in any given situation.

The foundation for the CORE courses is you. The CORE focuses on developing the unique gifts you’ve brought to the program and combining them with the knowledge to succeed in your chosen specialty.

The SPECIALITY DIDACTIC courses enhance your abilities and allow you to focus on the field within nursing where your skills are the ideal fit. The focus here is on creating a complete understanding of the specialty.

The SPECIALTY PRACTICUMS allow students to apply their knowledge in a variety of settings with the help of a preceptor. This is where the MSN students are truly able to spread their wings. By the end of your practicums you will be prepared with the enhanced knowledge to be an expert advanced practice nurse.

Blackboard Demo

Blackboard is the advanced Web-based learning management platform you will use to interact with faculty, facilitators, and peers. Take a quick tour of the user-friendly tool used by thousands of UC students all over the world.

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Course Delivery

UC has become experts in the design and delivery of results-driven online programs rich in content, interaction, and application.

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Volunteer Clinical Faculty (Preceptors)

The application of the curriculum occurs under the guidance of Volunteer Clinical Faculty in your own community. UC approves all preceptors, but allows its students to choose their own for a more personal engagement.

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This is a comprehensive catalog of all courses for the MSN curriculum grouped by specialty.

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