Nursing Administration

Responsibilities of a Nurse Administrator

A nurse administrator will work in a variety of health care environments. They often manage a team of nurses, or a specific nursing unit or shift. They are fully trained in the implementation of nursing procedure and must hold their team of nurses accountable for their actions. Nurse administrators can interact directly with patients but often are assigned to a more managerial role.

Nurse Administrator responsibilities may include:

  • Overall responsibility for nursing patient care
  • Establishing and documenting administrative procedure for the nursing team
  • Promoting the development of nursing staff
  • Budgeting and maintaining practice and standard guidelines
  • Communication between practice and nursing staff
  • Scheduling and supervising of nursing staff
  • Analyzing nursing treatment and diagnosis decisions
  • Troubleshooting and patient consultation
  • Team building exercises and employee counseling.

A Nurse Administrator is highly trained and has knowledge of nursing procedure and protocol. They work as pivotal leaders in an organization and may aspire to chief executive positions.  People drawn to this specialty want to be leaders in health care. They enjoy managing processes and people. Nurse Administrators are qualified to work in a variety of positions in the health care environment.


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  • Yvette said:

    How long is the Psych NP program or overall MSN?

    • Administrator said:

      Hi Yvette!
      The Psychiatric NP program is 2 years in length. Please click here to view the full curriculum. An Enrollment Advisor is available to answer any additional questions at 866-885-6764 or

  • Dawn said:

    How long and what is the curriculum for the Nursing Administrator- MSN program?

    • Hi Dawn, the Nursing Administration program can be completed in as few as 2 years. Please click here to view course descriptions and curriculum.

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