Nurse practitioners provide important service for patients at CVS

CVS recently announced that it will partner up with OhioHealth to run the state's MinuteClinics. Currently, the corporation has more than 500 locations in the U.S. including seven in Ohio.

Currently, CVS MinuteClinics are staffed by nurse practitioners. These individuals are trained to identify, diagnose and treat minor injuries and common illnesses. They are also permitted to write prescriptions.

The partnership between CVS and OhioHealth will afford nurse practitioners greater support in their clinics. Approximately half of the patients who come in for treatment do not have a primary-care provider. As part of the cooperative venture, OhioHealth will partner currently working nurses at the MinuteClinics with physicians affiliated with the organization. This will allow a greater number of individuals to have access to a general practitioner and quality care.

"We view this as an extension of the continuum of care we offer in our hospitals, urgent-care centers, primary-care offices, emergency departments and more than 20 community-based outpatient centers," said Bob Gilbert, the senior operations officer at OhioHealth.

OhioHealth will also provide training to nurse practitioners on patient education and illness-prevention as part of the new initiative.

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