Nurse practitioners improve care for stroke victims in Georgia

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reported on the improvements nurse practitioners have had on the way stroke victims are diagnosed and treated in the state of Georgia. According to the news source, many hospitals have been able to experience huge progress in this area over the past decade due to the hard work and persistence of these medical professionals.

Debbi Camp is a nurse practitioner with a Master of Science in Nursing degree. She is also an evidence-based stroke manager at the Atlanta Medical Center and one of the founding members of the Georgia Coverdell Acute Stoke Registry (GCASR), along with Joyce Reid, another nurse practitioner and the director of community health connection for the Georgia Hospital Association. According to Camp, one of the major improvements in stroke care has come as a result of the GCASR's success in educating the public.

"Every minute is precious. Millions of neurons are dying with every hour you lose before treatment," Camp told the news source. "So you have to educate the public and emergency medical technicians to recognize the symptoms and to bring patients to stroke-ready hospitals." 

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