Nurse practitioner teaches hospital importance of cultural sensitivity

The Los Angeles Times recently reported on the importance of cultural sensitivity when dealing with minority patients. According to the news source, Ann Cho, a nurse practitioner, is helping to increase awareness of this phenomenon and bridge the gap between multicultural individuals and their doctors at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, California.

Last month, Cho, who earned a Master of Science in Nursing degree, was officially designated as a cultural concierge at Lutheran General. Prior to this promotion, she served as a liaison to Asian patients on an unofficial basis, helping medical staff understand the unique point-of-view of these individuals. The news outlet reports that the hospital plans to hire at least three more nurse practitioners to serve in similar positions for the Polish, Russian and Hispanic populations.

As part of her new role, Cho will not only continue her usual work as a nurse practitioner providing primary care to incoming patients, but will also lead training on cultural sensitivity to hospital staff. In addition, she plans to reach out to the large Korean community in the area and encourage them to be less hesitant about visiting American hospitals.

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