Nurse practitioner opens new clinic for children

The Capital, a Maryland-based newspaper, has reported that Sandra Shanahan, a nurse practitioner, has opened a weekly clinic for children in the basement of a local Annapolis Salvation Army.

Prior to the grand opening of this clinic, Shanahan, who has earned a master's of science in nursing degree, offered medical services out of the Mount Olive African Methodist Church. She has also provided healthcare from the Allen Apartment Complex in downtown Annapolis for uninsured Spanish-speaking individuals.

Shanahan's facility is one of only three in the Annapolis metropolitan area that offer medical treatment to citizens who lack health insurance. While the Anne Arundel Medical Center at the Stanton Community Center provides low-cost dental solutions and the Annapolis Hospital's Community Health Center offers help to adults with insufficient coverage, Shanahan's clinic will offer services to individuals below the age of 19 only.

According to Shanahan, the major challenge with opening this clinic is informing the citizens in the area of its whereabouts. "Not too many people have found us yet," she told the news source."We put out lots and lots of fliers all over town." 

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