Nurse practitioner opens clinic for uninsured patients

Melissa Herpel, a nurse practitioner with a master's of science in nursing degree, recently opened the Express Family Clinic in Houston, Texas, The Spring Observer reports. This practice, which began seeing patients on June 1, is designed to serve individuals who are lacking health insurance.

Each patient at the clinic must pay a flat rate of $50 to see Herpel or one of her associates. If the individual requires additional services, such as immunizations or an EKG, the clinic will pick up the tab and he or she will not be billed.

Herpel's goal is to see at least 30 patients each day. She currently operates with a small staff, which includes both of her parents, a medical assistant and an emergency physician who is on call for emergencies. The individuals who work at the clinic are paid from a fund that Herpel created with her own savings and those of her family and friends.

"I have a low overhead; to me, it is all about the patient," Herpel said. "I hate that there are so many people that need healthcare know that they need healthcare but for one reason or another can’t afford healthcare."

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