Nurse practitioner-led clinic offers more services to patients

Susan Dirks, the co-owner of North Shore Nurse Practitioners, recently sat down with the Danvers Patch, a Massachusetts-based news outlet, to discuss her clinic and the important services that it provides for the community.

Dirks is a nurse practitioner with a Master of Science in Nursing degree and multiple certifications. In addition to being a family nurse practitioner, she is also a board certified clinical psychiatric nurse specialist. While completing her graduate degree more than 15 years ago, Dirks was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau – the international honor society for nursing – and Sigma Xi – a scientific research fraternity.

According to Dirks, North Shore Nurse Practitioners provides mental health services to patients who lack sufficient insurance coverage. Her clinic also takes a more holistic approach to healing that may not be found at physician-led practices.

"For years there has been general consensus that the mind and body are connected – yet providers often separate the two, often leading patients to feel confused and frustrated," Dirks told the news source. "When we see and evaluate our patients, we do a full medical history as well as mental health history and can often bridge the gap between the two."

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