Nurse practitioner highlights importance of blood donation

Mary Jasmine, a family nurse practitioner with a Master of Science in Nursing degree, recently sat down with the Independent Tribune, a North Carolina-based news outlet, to discuss the importance of donating blood.

According to the news source, Jasmine first realized the necessity of blood and platelet banks when she was working in an oncology department following her graduation from nursing school.

"I had donated to blood mobiles before in college, but the real need was for platelets," she told the news outlet. "These people needed a lot of platelets because chemotherapy knocked them really low."

The American Red Cross reports that the donation of platelets is more important and beneficial than blood as it provides one full therapeutic dose for patients and helps facilitate clotting. Jasmine, who has been donating platelets for more than three decades was influential in opening a new donation center specifically for this purpose. The Community Blood Center of the Carolinas recently went into operation in Concord and is the primary supplier of platelets to nearly 20 hospitals in the area.

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