Nurse practitioner discusses the perks of her job

Anne Beighley, a nurse practitioner with a master's of science in nursing degree, recently sat down with the Post Bulletin, a news outlet based out of Rochester, Minnesota, to discuss her work at the Olmsted Medical Center.

According to Beighley, the best part about her job is spending time with patients. She revealed to the newspaper that she values the time each day that she is able to spend talking with and treating the individuals who come to her for help. Beighly often works with sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis, and is currently conducting research to develop a treatment for this medical mystery.

Beighly commented on the myth that nurse practitioners are simply people who could not hack it in medical school. She stated that her work is equally as demanding and important as physicians, though in a different way, and that, though she could have pursued a degree in medicine, she chose nursing because she values the relationship nurses develop with their patients.

"We (nurse practitioners) have made a conscientious career decision to work in healthcare while maintaining the nursing relationship with patients, building trust and providing emotional support," she told the news source. "There is still extended education involved."

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