Nurse practitioner discusses healthcare

Jean Nagelkerk, the vice provost for health at a Michigan-based university, recently sat down with Michigan Live to discuss the state of healthcare in the U.S. and her personal contributions to the field.

Nagelkerk is a nurse practitioner with both a master's of science in nursing and doctoral degree. She has also earned a postdoctoral Family Nurse Practitioner certificate. Of the many successes Nagelkerk has had during her lengthy career, some include developing the first family nurse practitioner and primary care Nurse Managed Center in her community, and creating the West Michigan Interprofessional Education Initiative, where she now serves in a leadership role.

According to the news source, Nagelkerk believes that the greatest challenge facing the healthcare industry is the lack of universal coverage and a shortage of medical professionals. She has stated that one of her goals is to increase patients' access to healthcare in Michigan.

"If I could change one aspect of our industry, I would create a seamless, integrated healthcare delivery system that provides comprehensive care across an individual’s lifespan," Nagelkerk told the news source. "By minimizing the fragmentation of healthcare in the delivery system, we can improve quality and decrease costs."

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