Nurse practitioner brings healthcare to rural communities

According to the Daily Register, Leslie Curry was recently named Rural Practitioner of the Year by the Illinois Rural Health Association for her work bringing healthcare and medical services to the community of Galatia.

Galatia is a rural area in Illinois with a large Amish population. Prior to three years ago, the community did not have access to medical care within 10 miles. As a result of Curry's work, Galatia now has a busy, award-winning practice in its downtown area.

In addition to running her practice, which sees between 1,800 to 2,000 patients, Curry is also active in the surrounding school systems and the community. She is responsible for bringing health education to the K-12 curriculum and has created programs to teach children about bullying and healthy eating. Curry also conducts outreach projects with the Amish community to teach them about prenatal care.

"Before I came, there was no one 10 miles in either direction providing access to healthcare," Curry told the news source. "Now I do almost exactly what a family doctor did 40 years ago."

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