Nurse practitioner believes his community can be served without doctors

Chris Savard, a nurse practitioner with a Master of Science in Nursing, recently sat down with to discuss the future of healthcare and the current shortage of primary care providers in medical practices. According to him, nurse practitioners are the solution to this health crisis.

Nurse practitioners are medical professionals with extensive training and experience. They possess nursing degrees and are able to preform the majority of the same functions that a doctor can, including prescribing medication, referring patients to specialists and ordering blood work or diagnostic tests.

The news source reports that as fewer doctors choose to specialize in primary care and family medicine, more nurse practitioners have begun serving in these roles. According to Savard, nurse practitioner-led clinics are the future of healthcare and the solution to the growing shortage of physicians.

"When people talk about this [doctor] shortage, I feel like nurse practitioners are largely ignored as a possible solution," Savard told the news source. "That’s too bad, because one NP can provide primary care to more than 800 patients."

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