More women turning to midwives for birth

According to a recent article in Time Magazine, more American women are choosing to have their births presided on by certified nurse midwives as opposed to obstetricians in recent years. Another maternity trend on the rise is the home birth, reports the news source.

In response to the increased demand for natural births, new practices and maternity centers have opened around the country, such as the recently launched Birth Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. This facility is run by Becky McInnis, a certified nurse midwife, and was touted by ABC News as the premier midwifery practice in the intermountain west. Women can select from a variety of birthing options here, including a water birth.

"If birth matters, midwives matter," May Gaskin, a certified nurse midwife commented to Time Magazine on the increased prevalence of natural births in the U.S. "In Europe, there are hospitals where the cesarean rate is less than 10%, and you'll find midwives in these hospitals, you'll see a lot less re-admissions with infections and complications, and you'll see a lot less injury to mothers."

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