More patients are seeing nurse practitioners than ever before

In the past, individuals who needed medical attention used to see a doctor for treatment. However, today, more patients are making appointments with nurse practitioners instead, Delaware Online reports.

According to the news source, this increased trend of patients seeing nurse practitioners highlights an important shift in the delivery of healthcare. Fewer doctors are choosing to go into primary care as their specialty due to multiple factors, including decreased reimbursement for services by insurance companies, and as such, individuals are having trouble getting appointments with family physicians. In addition, healthcare premiums are rising, and for patients who wish to spend less money at the doctor's office, nurse practitioners, whose services cost less, are a great option.

Nurse practitioners are able to provide many of the same treatments as doctors. These medical professionals can preform check-ups, prescribe medication and accurately diagnose conditions. Highly educated individuals who work as nurse practitioners have earned their master's of science in nursing degrees. Many patients also prefer their style of care.

"Nurse practitioners combine the caring and curing by putting together the best of nursing and the best of medicine to help take care of patients," Angela Golden, the president-elect of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, told the news source. 

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