More patients are seeing nurse practitioners for skin ailments

According to a recent article in the Ventura County Star, a newspaper based out of Camarillo, California, an increasing number of nurse practitioners are going into the medi-spa field.

Medi-spas are practices where individuals can undergo cosmetic procedures by licensed physicians or certified nurse practitioners. Many of the patients at these healthcare centers are seeking to have problems fixed that were caused by surgery performed by non-board certified professionals. A large percentage of those who attend medi-spas are receiving treatment for skin ailments, such as those associated with melanoma or other skin cancers.

In California, individuals do not need to be certified in any specialty to perform cosmetic procedures or skin treatments. As such, nurse practitioners and primary care providers can offer these services to their patients. Many of these medical professionals have completed fellowships or research in a dermatological field of study, which provides them with the experience necessary to provide cosmetic treatment.

Patients interviewed in the article have stated that they appreciate being able to receive treatment from nurse practitioners, as they are comfortable with these individuals and it is usually easier to get an appointment.

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