More men interested in pursing nursing degrees

According to recent data compiled by Economic Modeling Specialists, a research company focused on employment and labor trends, the number of men pursuing nursing careers has been increasing for several years. While men currently account for only 12 percent of the workforce, this is a marked increase from the 7.7 percent of male nurses in the industry in 2003. In comparison, the number of women choosing nursing careers has been declining substantially since 2005. reported that a major reason why more men are pursing nursing degrees has to do with the lessened prevalence of stereotyping and prejudice that once dominated the field. According to the internet news magazine, the stigma that was once associated with being a male nurse is gone in today’s progressive world.

“In the past, male nurses were considered ‘soft’ or people questioned your sexuality,” Michael Robinson, a male nurse practitioner, told the media outlet. “”But there really is a need for men in nursing…nursing is a valuable career choice and [men] do make a difference.”

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