Male nurse inspired to get Master of Science in Nursing degree

As a male nurse working in Nashville, Tennessee, Amen Eguakun always wondered what opportunities were open to him. Recently he sat down with to discuss his rise from an RN to one of the leading nurse practitioners working to advance HIV and AIDS treatment in the Nashville area.

According to Eguakun, it was his Master of Science in Nursing degree that launched him on his path to success. He told the media outlet that without this advanced nursing degree, he could not have become a nurse practitioner or made the positive impact on his community that he has been able to.

"If I were still a registered nurse, I could not be doing this," Eguakun told the internet news source. "Becoming a nurse practitioner gave me [advanced] training and expanded my knowledge of medical treatment. Now, I can combine that with the skills I had as a nurse."

Currently, Eguakun works at a church-sponsored clinic as a primary care provider for underprivileged individuals and those without access to health insurance. He also works independently on HIV- and AIDS-related research and treats patients outside of the clinic who are suffering from these diseases. 

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