Long Island nurse practitioners flock to expo

Nurse.com recently reported on the Nurse Practitioner Association of Long Island's annual conference and meeting, the Nurse Practitioner Expo. This event, which was titled Practice Issues 2011, was attended by more than 350 of the area's leading specialists. Most of the individuals who participated were nurse practitioners who possess Master of Science in Nursing degrees.

The main focus of this year's expo was to discuss the diagnostic techniques of nurse practitioners, drug-to-drug interactions of commonly prescribed medications and the uses, as well as side effects and benefits of new pharmaceuticals on the market. Though the conference was led by Wendy Wright – a family nurse practitioner from Amherst, Massachusetts – and Margaret Fitzgerald, another Massachusetts-based primary care provider, many other individuals gave presentations in their own areas of expertise.

The topics discussed at this summer's expo will be brought up again in October at the Nurse Practitioner Association of New York State's annual conference. This will be the 27th year that the large-scale meeting has taken place, and it is expected to be attended by hundreds of medical professionals.

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