Long Island nurse practitioner elected to AANP

The Nurse Practitioners Association of Long Island announced its pick for this year's representative to the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). Margaret O'Donnell, a nurse practitioner who specializes in adult medicine, was chosen to represent New York state.

As a state representative, O'Donnell will serve as the liaison between the AANP and nurse practitioners in her community. She will also be the New York contact person for the board of directors, the executive staff, subcommittees and regional director of the organization.

O'Donnell was chosen to represent New York in the AANP as a result of her advanced education and impressive resume. After she earned her Master of Science in Nursing degree more than 30 years ago, she began working in some of the most prestigious hospitals in the northeast, including the center for Joint Diseases in Manhattan. Currently, she works at South Nassau Communities Hospital as a nurse practitioner, though she has served in several other positions, including in the fields of emergency services, intensive care, stem transplantation, electrophysiology and clinical research.

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