Ground set to break on new nurse practitioner-led clinic

The Greenfield Reporter, a news source based out of Montana, reported that construction on the new $16 million nurse practitioner-led clinic in Columbus will begin by the end of the year. The health center will be equipped with 10 beds, several medical professionals with Master of Science in Nursing degrees, and is designed to bring up-to-date care to the area's residents.

Dubbed the Stillwater Community Hospital, plans for the clinic were originally developed to replace a recently closed 96-year-old facility. While the older health center was able to accommodate 23 overnight patients, there is no longer a need for this much in-house care. According to the news source, the nurse practitioner-led staff is increasingly able to treat individuals on an outpatient basis.

"This truly is a very exciting time for residents in Stillwater County," Tim Russell, the chief executive officer of Stillwater Community Hospital, told the Billings Gazette. "It will give us a better toolbox with which to provide care to our residents. We have a lot of folks moving in and who rely on us for quality care."

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