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As a student in the Master of Science in Nursing program, it is important to know the details regarding program requirements, academic performance, graduation requirements, withdrawal and student code of conduct. These policies are outlined below. If you have any questions, please contact your Program Manager at 1-866-226-4796.

Students who continue on active status in their program without interruption are responsible for meeting all current requirements, including requirements that are added or revised since the student first entered the program. Students who interrupt their graduate studies by officially withdrawing from the university or by losing their active student status are held responsible for their graduate program requirements in force at the time they are readmitted or are reinstated into the program.

A student must accumulate a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 at the end of each term to obtain a master’s degree at the University of Cincinnati. Students must also earn a “B-” or higher in all required courses and at least two-thirds of the minimum graduate credits for the degree must be at a level of B or higher. A doctoral student must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 in all doctoral course work. Note: See your adviser or director. Programs establish minimum academic standards that may exceed the overall university standards provided above.

Two semesters prior to the semester in which a student anticipates graduating, the student should:
1. Confer with his or her program office staff;
2. Consult the Graduate School’s website for deadlines, instructions on submitting his or her electronic thesis;
3. Visit the Graduate School’s website to determine if he or she is defined as a thesis or non-thesis student or consult with your program.

Application to Graduate
Students must: 1) complete academic requirements, and 2) complete the official online Application to Graduate by the deadline for the semester in which they expect to graduate. Deadlines are firm and failure to meet them will delay students’ graduation until the following semester, when they must then submit a new application for their revised graduation date. Click here to view detailed graduation information.

All students applying to graduate will be assessed a graduation application fee. The fee will be assessed each semester a student applies for graduation. To obtain an exception to this rule a student must petition the Associate Dean of the Graduate School on the basis of an unforeseen circumstance that prevented graduation during the semester for which the student last applied (e.g., documented medical issue).

Graduation Requirements for Master’s Degrees
Students must be registered for at least one graduate credit that contributes to degree requirements (as determined by the graduate program) during the academic year in which they graduate from that program. Students must also complete degree requirements within a five-year period unless they have an approved extension (See Maintaining Graduate Student Status, Extensions of Time to Degree in your student handbook). They should contact their program office for any additional program requirements or deadlines to be completed prior to graduation.

Certification for Graduation
The finalization and submission of a student’s Application to Graduate will activate the process by which the student will be certified for graduation. The student should confer with his or her program office to ensure that any problems related to these requirements are resolved in a timely manner and to avoid delayed graduation until a subsequent semester. Specifically, the student’s records will be reviewed to verify satisfaction of the following requirements:

  • Finalization and submission of his or her online Graduation Application by the deadline;
  • Instructor’s submission of passing grades for his or her final semester credits;
  • Removal of all I grades from his or her transcript;
  • Removal of all UP/SP grades from unapproved courses and/or the final semester in which the approved courses were taken; assignment of letter grades rather than UP/SP grades for courses in the final semester of the student’s program;
  • Removal of NG grades;
  • Confirmation of satisfactory repetition or waiver of required courses in which an F was originally received;
  • Confirmation of completion of work and changes of I grades within the one-year limit;
  • Confirmation that the student was registered for at least one credit in his or her graduate program in each academic year;
  • Confirmation that the student completed his or her degree requirements within the prescribed time-to-degree;
  • Satisfactory completion of at least 45 graduate credits completed to the satisfaction of the student’s program, including at least 30 derived from formal course work (many programs have higher requirements);
  • Completion of all program requirements for the degree;
  • Confirmation that the admissions application fee has been paid;
  • 3.0 GPA has been earned;
  • And if a thesis is required, uploading of the electronic thesis (ETD) to Ohio Link through

Students must notify their departments in writing and copy the Graduate School regarding their intent to withdraw from their programs.

The Student Code of Conduct defines behavior expected of all University of Cincinnati students. It is each student’s responsibility to know and comply with the university’s Student Code of Conduct, and sanctions or penalties are outlined. (Law and medical students are subject to their respective honor codes. However, these students are covered by the appeal process of the university’s Student Code of Conduct.) Academic behavior considered to be misconduct is defined in the Student Code of Conduct. The code also addresses nonacademic misconduct (such as disturbing the peace, destruction of property, and theft). Disciplinary procedures are explained in a step-by-step manner, and the procedures for appeal of decisions are stated.

In addition to this code, students must adhere to their college’s professional code of conduct and honor codes where applicable. Students may obtain copies of college honor codes from their college offices.

Note: The requirements clarified here are university requirements. Students must contact their program’s office for any additional program-level requirements or deadlines that must be completed prior to graduation.

Click here to view UC’s Graduate Student Handbook.

The Nurse Faculty Loan Program is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Bureau of Health Professionals (BHPr) and is offered through the UC College of Nursing. These loans, with an annual limit of $35,000 for a maximum of five years, are made available to eligible students enrolled in a Master’s or Doctoral Nursing program who intend to secure full-time employment as nurse educators upon graduation. The funds are intended to cover the cost of attendance including tuition, fees, books, and other reasonable education expenses. Following graduation from the nursing program, up to 85% of the loan principal and interest will be cancelled in exchange for the loan recipient’s service as a full-time nursing faculty at a school of nursing, with a certain percentage cancelled each year for up to four years. A commitment to complete four nurse educator courses in addition to the required courses for the intended degree program prior to graduation is required.

Students interested in applying for the Nurse Faculty Loan Program are encouraged to do the following:

  • Click here to obtain the application packet. It can also be found in the Student Resources tab of the College of Nursing Student Body Blackboard Organization, under Scholarship Opportunities.
  • Complete the application packet (application, promissory note, borrower rights & responsibilities, and statement of understanding).
    • Please note that students enrolled in Distance Learning programs must ensure that all signatures are notarized prior to submitting applications.
  • Submit the application packet to the College of Nursing Office of Student Affairs either in person (Proctor Hall Rm. 260) or via mail to:

    University of Cincinnati
    College of Nursing
    P.O. Box 210038
    Cincinnati, OH 45221-0038
    Attn: Office of Student Affairs

Applications received 6 weeks prior to the term for which you are applying for funding will be reviewed and decisions will be made prior to the start of the term for which you are applying for funding. Applications received less than 6 weeks prior to the term for which you are requesting funding may be deferred to the following term.

For more information, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at (513) 558-3600.

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