Clinical nurse specialist dubbed healthcare visionary

Bonnie Wesorick, a clinical nurse specialist, was recently interviewed by MLive, a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based news source, on her contributions to the healthcare industry. According to the media outlet, Wesorick is a "healthcare visionary" that has changed the face of medicine in this midwestern state.

Wesorick received her Master of Science in Nursing degree from a Michigan-based university. She is now affiliated with the institution as a nurse educator. In addition to this role, Wesorick is the founder of the Clinical Practice Model Resource Center, a healthcare consulting firm that helps medical practitioners develop better patient care strategies.

More than 300 healthcare centers across the country currently utilize the tools and models Wesorick developed. The American Academy of Nursing recognized her contributions to field by taking her on as a technology adviser.

"Bonnie has an ancient wisdom about her," Jeanne Roode, the director of emergency, trauma and neuroscience services at a local hospital, remarked to the news source. "We get so caught up in the business, we forget why we’re here.She reminds us of our purpose. I think she’s Florence Nightingale reincarnated." 

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