Adult-Gero Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Careers

Careers as an Adult-Gero Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

Both the setting in which you can practice, your choice of specialty, and the position of responsibility will vary greatly. Here are a few of the many options available for an Adult-Gero Primary Care Nurse Practitioner.

  • Adult Cardiovascular Care
  • Adult Primary Care
  • Asthma/Allergy
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Emergency Services
  • Geriatric
  • Infectious Disease
  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pulmonary
  • Women’s Health

As a nurse practitioner you can expect to earn a salary in the following range, according to data compiled in April 2009 at This is just an estimate and actual compensation will depend on many factors such as experience, location, and type of practice.

25th Percentile: $75,838
Median: $82,590
75th Percentile: $89,392


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  • Tere said:

    How long it takes to finish adult nurse practitioner program. How much does it cost, and what do I need to apply?

    • Tere, the ANP program can be completed in as little as 2 years. Please click here to view tuition information and here for application instructions. Please contact an advisor for further details at 866-225-6764. Thanks!

  • Tiffani Rose said:

    Is GRE absolutely required to enroll in NP Program at UC? If yes, are there exceptions? Can excellent GPA substitute for GRE

    • Hi Tiffani, the GRE is not a requirement for admission into the online MSN program. Please click here to view additional admissions requirements. Please contact an advisor with any questions at 866-225-6764.

  • Katie said:

    Does having an ANP degree limit the places a person can work vs having a FNP degree?

    • Hi Katie, when considering these two degrees it is important to assess your long term career goals and the population you wish to work with. An FNP works with a range of patients including children and adults. An ANP works with patients over the age of 13. For more information, please contact an Enrollment Advisor at 866-225-6764.

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